Achmad Siddiq Annur, Andi Baso Mappaturi


Unhealthy competition among economic actors, and exploitation of natural resources without preservation,
caused a complicated problem in the community. Poor-quality education, especially in moral and religious
education, to be one of the causes of these problems. Therefore, the existence of boarding school as an
educational institution based on Islam is expected to be a solution to decline moral values and religion in this
nation. Through a combination of formal and religious education at a boarding school will provide a strong
mental training for the formation of individual intelligent and noble. In addition, a boarding school with speech
entrepreneurship curriculum in the education system, can provide an added value to the institution.
Prospective employers are responsible for each other and the environment, and economic actors are honest
and committed. Entrepreneur Boarding can be part of an effort to maintain the sustainability of resources,
both natural and human resources. Sustainable development, as the purpose of the object, is a theme that
describes every aspect of the design object. Sustainable development has three principles of sustainability; the
natural environment sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability. Starting from the planning
of design, the building process, until the use of the building, always accompanied by the consideration of the
three aspects of sustainability. Through the application of sustainable development as the design theme of the
boarding school entrepreneurs will produce buildings that are environmentally and socially friendly, in addition
to continue to provide investment for owners, users, and the surrounding community.


Boarding School Entrepreneur; Sustainable Development; Three Dimensions of Sustainable Development

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