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Between lake Tri An immense wave of water, the Island Ó emerged as a green pearl that the creator carelessly fall into the lake. Island Ó luxuriant greenery, striking up with the beauty of the mystery along the peace. Is the lake water wrapped, separated from the island with the outside world, making the island Ó become the world's isolated cause to curious. Resort Island It is located on the territory of the town of Vinh An, Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province. To up the island Ó, the tourists of must pass stage road, about 80km from Ho Chi Minh to Tri An Lake, and from here back to cross the lake to the island.
Motels-stroke motorcycles are vehicles, but other travelers can take a bus, bus are. Motorcycle or passenger car, it would be more convenient, by just straight in the Ha Noi highway to the junction of the Peace then turn left to the town of Vinh An, when to town go to the red earth DT 762 is to the place. The longer bus ride will be more trouble, you have to catch two buses, the first car 12 to the junction of the Peace and then catch the next bus no. 19 to the town of Vinh An, then down the walk. To wharf East School, want to into the island Ó, visitors must hire a boat or canoe. Visitors should travel in groups to reduce the cost price segment of the vessel is 550000đ/trips/ 5 people, canoes, more expensive than little 650000đ/ trips/ 5 people.
Come on cano, labour, spiraling on the lake, tourists will feel the cold air smashing into the face make the whole people refreshed. Go ship, floating on the water about 45 minutes, you felt the other delights, it is relaxing to gaze at the vast sky on the top of the head or the image of it under the lake in the bright as a mirror,
To the island There is green glowing iridescent under the sun. On the island Ó, go on the small path, paving stone, curling around the shores of eucalyptus, you can hear the song of the twig, the smell is faint aroma, cleanness of eucalyptus wood. Also, visitors can sit enjoying the cool shade at the hut, resort, lakeside, fall back is swung by the wind on the hammock stuck available, or sit in silence fishing. Those who favor adventure can participate in activities slide trough water bend as python loops through the thick forest to dáp at the lake cool.
Island Ó with beauty, magical, untouched, a place to bring the frames, beautiful, smoking, soul of the sky of the lake water stamping dờn, of forest trees.
Night about island Ó busy with activities, camping, the tent is erected, the campfire is burning up enlighten blur, at this time you participate in fun activities, cooking by the fire makes you travel more meaningful. Visitors do not bring tents can rent tents with price 200000đ/ tents for 4 people, 300000đ/ tent for 6 people. Who does not want to sleep outdoors, then on the island there are also motels serve guests with the price is quite cheap, only 250000vnd/ double room, group of friends, then room hire price 350000đ/ room 6 people.
On the other hand, to the Island Ó, tourists are attracted by the scent of fish dishes the famous Mausoleum of the Tri An lake or the vegetables, forest, poultry meat and wild boar bred in the island East Market next to the island Ó.

Source: Dat phong khach san