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by Jerome Princy (2020-03-16)

By utilizing some recently LumaSlim Review discovered 100% natural supplements that were only brought to the market a couple of years ago, you can push your bodies fat burning abilities to its limits and expect to lose around 5-10 lbs of pure fat each and every week. Although, these results sound too good to be true, when working with clients that I have put onto what I like to call my "magic combination" of natural supplements (acai + colon cleanse), I have never failed to see a client lose less than 5 lbs of fat in any 7 day period. It's up to the individual whether they decide to use supplements or not, some people simply don't like the thought of it. But as a fitness professional, I think anyone who turns down the chance to lose an extra 500%-1000% of flab every week is mad. Stress can cause us to gain weight...or at the very least to not lose weight. Either way, stress is a sure way to sabotage our weight loss success goals. How do we avoid that when stress is an inevitable part of life-and not totally a bad thing, either? A lot of us don't even realize we are stressed. On the other hand, sometimes it feels like our stress or tension is the only glue that is holding us together. It is likely that neither of these thoughts is completely accurate. If you are overweight and have tried unsuccessfully to drop excess fat in the past, stress could be contributing to your downfall. All by itself stress can cause us to hold onto fluids. When we are stressed we also tend to reach more quickly for comfort foods (typically high calorie foods), and we are less apt to be fully aware when we are eating. Recognizing when we are stressed and taking steps to reduce stress are important steps to our weight loss success. Here are 5 stress reduction tips anyone can follow: