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Manifestation Code System

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-18)

So what should we do? I Manifestation Code System Review am beginning to see what you mean about the spiritual path being beset by seductions. Don't be seduced, apply yourself diligently, don't stop until you get to the end of your spiritual journey, pick a teaching and a teacher that makes sense and don't take anything on face value, rather question everything and don't think for a minute that you can do it on your own. Everyone needs a guru? Everyone needs guidance from someone who functions as a teacher in their life and on their spiritual path, to preside over their spiritual endeavor and correct and encourage and question and cajole and provide a model of an authentic human being in the world. This is how we preserve faith, know that it is possible to succeed and cultivate the commitment and courage to carry on. Richard Harvey, Psychotherapist, Author and Spiritual Teacher, makes the connection between counseling and psychotherapy and spiritual growth. He speaks particularly to those who are looking for more than they have found in therapy. And offers guidance to those seeking to undertake the inner journey - guidance free of dogma and grounded in what many of us experience as the "messiness" of our personalities. "You see," said the blind man, "I seek to draw closer to God through submission. God has taught that the perfect servant is he/she who submits totally to the Master's will. Instead of considering how the performance of a task will benefit his personal position, the good servant is concerned only with the Master's request. The Way to God has always been known; it is the path of surrender and God's Mercy. The servant must work and seek but realizes he/she will never attain without God's Generosity: because 'love is not earned it is bestowed.' If the servant is to truly serve, the ego must be still and free of personal desire. Total submission is impossible without God's Grace and Mercy." "You mean," cried the traveler, "I have to give-up my will in order to serve. How can I do that? Won't I become an automaton? Shouldn't I use my ability to discern?" "God does not ask that you abandon your ability to reason," continued the blind man. "He/she asks that you come to Him out of Love and that if you truly seek to serve, you use the criterion He Has Given. Remember, if the thought or action brings you closer to God, it is of God, and if it distances you, then, it of yourself or the darkness. The Way to God is through submission and service.