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Diabetes Freedom

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-19)

So what should Diabetics Diabetes Freedom Review consider when thinking about Insulin Pump therapy? Here is some Diabetic Information to consider: Advantages (with caveats) Your A1C will be close to perfect all the time. It is true that many Diabetics who switch over to the pump do get good A1C's even in the 5.0-range. However, there is a chance that your A1C results could worsen after going on the pump. A Diabetic that has wild high/low swings in their blood sugars on multiple daily injections could have an okay A1C in the high 6's or low 7's. But after going on the pump then see A1C's jump as much as 0.5%. The reason is that A1C is an average measurement of how well you are doing over a 3-month period. If you have a lot of extreme lows, your average could fall in a good range. But pump therapy will even out your lows and highs, which is what you want, but could result in your average now being higher without all of the wild fluctuations to throw off the results. Eat anything, when you want. This is true. There is great flexibility in what you eat and when you eat. You do not have to abide by a very strict regimen, for example, of eating dinner at 5pm every day. With no worry of long acting insulin peaking, you can easily adjust when you eat with a bolus of insulin. Just don not think you can eat everything in sight and just give boluses all day. The rules of a balanced Diabetes diet still apply. You will never have to use insulin syringes again. While this is true for the most part, the fact is you will still need to occasionally inject insulin with a syringe. The general guideline is that if your blood sugar is extremely high (over 300) then you should take an injection of fast acting insulin to bring down your high glucose reading. The reason - your blood sugar may be high because of a blockage in the pump or even a bad battery. Despite this scenario, the need for multiple injections every day is eliminated with a pump Exercise whenever you want. No need to eat before exercising. Maybe. This benefit will be totally dependent on what your blood glucose is just prior to working out. If it's in the low 100's and you do strenuous exercise, you could find yourself with a severe low when you are done. A power bar prior to working out might avoid that. Taking the pump off during your workout may be best.