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by Jerome Princy (2020-03-21)

Use this habit of mind over StrictionD Review emotion to develop your new mindset and attitude. Your convictions, beliefs, desires and expectations can certainly focus into determination. Determination is one of the most important keys to your new attitude. Now start to apply this to your diabetes. You know what you need to do. In the past, you let your feelings be the motivation to do it. When your feelings were good, you did well, but when your feelings were low, you did poorly. As you develop an attitude that does not take its orders from the feelings in your body but from the convictions of your heart and mind, your motivation will also change. You will overcome feelings and do what you need to do. You will still often "not feel like it", or even still feel some degree of fear, doubt, or discouragement. Recognize these things as feelings separate from your attitude. You have determined what you will do, and determined it on better things. So no matter how you feel you'll do what you have to do. And the funny thing is, you'll feel better about doing it. As it turns out, feelings are more a response than the cause of things in your life. When things in your life start to turn around because of your new attitude, your feelings will tend to turn around as well. Your whole disposition will brighten and your diabetes control will improve. All because you learned how to separate thoughts from feelings and live by what you believe instead of what you feel. Diabetes is growing with alarming speed in the United States. There are 23 to 24 million Americans with diabetes today and 57 million Americans with pre diabetes. The numbers have reached epidemic proportions and are growing in volume daily.