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Zenith Labs Vision 20

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-24)

If you love to experiment Zenith Labs Vision 20 Review with your looks, you can try different lenses but don't miss out the brown colored contacts as they not only have a vivid color and depth but also they have sense of freshness about them and will give you a pleasant look. The brown lenses in non-prescription colored lenses are available in two different shades- hazel and the dark brown and there are two tones for both of them, going with all possible complexion and hair colors. The longevity of the colored contacts are of different types but they can be worn for 3 months at a stretch but it is very important to maintain the hygiene of the contacts and most importantly do not share your colored lenses with any of your friends as you will pick up severe eye infection in the process. Also always sanitize your hands before you wear the contacts and change the solutions every now and then. A report published in Archives of Ophthalmology showed that non-smoking sufferers of RP experienced a reduction in the rate of loss of vision following treatment with the protein lutein. The study divided its sample into two groups, one of which was given 10mg of lutein a day for 12 weeks, and then 30mg of lutein a day for 24 weeks, while the other group were given a placebo for 24 weeks, then lutein at 30mg for 24 weeks. In both the studied groups, it was shown that there is a 6-week delay experienced between the start of taking lutein and it having any effects on the patient. It was further shown that the reduction in loss of vision was greatest in visual acuity (clarity of sight) and contrast sensitivity. Lutein is already present in the light receptor cells in the retina and it is believed to serve as an antioxidant. A different study, carried out in year 2000 showed similar results, but also showed that people with blue eyes as well as those that were taking vitamin A (in a beta-carotene form, rather than in retinyl palmitate used in the current study) supplements experienced the greatest reduction in their vision loss.