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Hair Revital X Supplement

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-24)

Natural ways to stop hair loss Hair Revital X Supplement Review are the best options one has when fighting male-pattern baldness. Here are some ways to reverse balding without resorting synthetic chemical solutions: A balanced diet containing proportionate quantities of turkey, fish or chicken can fulfill the deficiency of vitamin B3, an essential hair re-growth element. Green vegetables, dairy and meat products have been found to supplement the deficiency of vitamin B6, which is essential for long and strong hair in women. Citrus fruits, pineapples, strawberries or tomatoes are good alternative for vitamin C which provides nourishment to hair roots. Vitamin E, which helps re-growth of hair by providing nutrients to growing hair, can be supplemented by nuts, whole grains and green vegetables. A natural alternative to use of vitamins for hair re-growth is the early morning sun light, which is the source of vitamin D, an ingredient for strong hair roots. Now for the moment of truth. And this is really very important. If you are having any kind of hair loss problem resulting in thinning hair, you need to take action right now. The next few minutes are very crucial for you. There are some really amazing information that is going to solve your hair loss problem permanently, effectively and within a very short time. If you are looking for a way to reverse balding, you might have come across a number of products including Provillus. This herbal hair thinning solution consists of two parts: the FDA approved Minoxidil which promotes hair regeneration and all natural ingredients that are commonly available in herbal and health stores. How does Provillus work? DHT or dihydrotestosterone build up on the scalp is the main reason why hair loss occurs and Provillus claims to address this firsthand. The all natural herbal supplement includes saw palmetto among its ingredients. Saw palmetto is known widely to inhibit DHT so it won't block blood circulation and nutrients from reaching the hair follicles. Other than saw palmetto, the hair loss product Provillus works as a topical solution that can be applied 2x a day. The lotion must be applied on dry scalp to be effective. This topical lotion has 5% Minoxidil along with propylene glycol, purified water and alcohol. These ingredients also help prevent hair follicles from shrinking.