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Dream Sculpting

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-28)

When, for example, we choose Dream Sculpting Review work that's misaligned with what we do consistently well, we suffer because we struggle with what's "happened" to us. Is it any wonder that we feel drained at the end of the week? Struggle consumes all our energy. The first step into a more congruent life is to stop struggling with what is. A tall order? Sure it is. One of the most spiritual practices we can engage in is the acceptance of what is without wishing it to be any different. That's not to say we shouldn't seek to make better choices and so live a more congruent life. But we do not have to struggle while seeking. 10 Tips For Making More Money: Get Over Yourself. I read somewhere that if you scooped up all the money in the world and re-distributed it evenly, we'd all eventually wind up where we are now - the rich people would make it all back, the poor would go back to being poor, etc. This is because making money has more to do with your beliefs and your subconscious than what you actually do. Luckily there are books aplenty out there to help you figure it out as well as coaches who can help you tweak your subconscious into thinking more profitable thoughts. A great book I'm currently reading is Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life - it's like getting a colonic on your subconscious. Borrow Some Experience. Research other people in the same or similar industries who are super successful and see how they did it. Look not only at their business models and ideas, but notice their attitude towards themselves and what they're doing. If there's someone out there who really rocks your world, be brave and ask them to be your mentor. You'd be amazed how many people really like to help (wouldn't you love to help someone as awesome as yourself once you've made it to the top?) Do Your Numbers. Really sit down and map out what you make, what you need to make and what you want to make by when. Then break it down into what you want to make each week. If your mind has crystal clear goals to go for, it will get there.