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Wildfit Quest

by Mathew John (2020-03-31)

As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan Wildfit Quest Review to fail. With your new mindset of staying in shape all year long, you will never have to stress about having the body you want. You will now look forward to the time of year that everyone else dreads. The hard work will be in, and you will enjoy the rewards. Stay Fit!The first problem with regular alcohol consumption as a part of your diet, is the fact that it's a source of empty calories. Empty calories have the same energy content as "regular" calories, but are nutritionally sparse by comparison. They lack the accompanying nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidants.As they have little/no additional nutritional value, calories from alcohol are mostly stored as fat. Add mixers (which are generally loaded with refined sugar) to the alcohol, and things get even worse!Mixed drinks can often contain 300 or more calories, which can easily sabotage your fat loss progress. In addition, alcohol can impair your judgement with regards to making smart food choices. How often does a heavy night out end with you craving foods high in salt and processed fats? So you could end up feasting on kebabs, wings, nachos and pizza while drinking as well. On an average night out, you could easily consume in excess of 2000 calories, which is almost the equivalent of half a pound of body fat.