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Overnight Millionaire System

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-31)

Many people learned their Overnight Millionaire System Review core competency in college or trade schools which is a great place to start. The problem I see with this is that many also fall in to the trap many businesses have, lack of or change in the market demand for those skills or product. Business must constantly be aware of the demand for their product, watch for trends in it, and improve it or add to it over time in order to survive. So, what can an individual do? I admit that I was lucky! I stumbled in to having transferable skills. A lot of the reason i did was that I had been fired once and didn't want that to happen again. I also saw a lot of people stuck in their current job with no way to transfer to another one so I focused on moving around the corporation. I worked in the same bank for 18 years and public accounting for four during which time I earned a CPA certificate. I learned that the CPA certificate was worth far more in a field outside of public accounting than it was there; it was expected there but in other fields it was viewed as a badge of knowledge! So I was distinguished by that in my banking career and it gave me much more credibility among my peers. At the bank I worked in many different disciplines, auditing, data processing and programming, systems project management, commercial banking, business development and management as president of a subsidiary of the corporation. This diversity has helped me in my consulting business, but even better, gives me the luxury of being able to choose among many different jobs should I choose to seek one. I was fortunate to have developed many skills that can be used anywhere. I like to say that my main core competency is problem solving; that is how I got all my promotions and transfers in banking. Being known as someone who get the job done or solve problems is the main thing supervisors look for and need. As I learned how to seek out problems I recognized I could use skills that I had learned in past assignments and built on them. And not staying in area too long helped me to not become obsolete. If one hasn't been this fortunate there are many things we can do.