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by Mathew John (2020-04-09)

Many teams of diabetes educators and I have Glucocell Review had to counsel many patients who had already developed complications. Some patients confessed that they had not complied with their medication routine because they were too busy with their work. They did not control their diet and led sedentary lifestyles. Many blamed it on the lack of time to learn to manage their diabetes. Most patients who are suffering these complications regret not paying more attention to their health.One such patient is Mr. George Michael Jon (not his real name), aged 56. Mr George developed complications due to poor glucose control. Like many busy people in their prime, he was always on the go, making business deals and engaged in a lot of social entertainment. One day, to his horror, he realised his toes were pale in colour and rushed to the hospital emergency unit to seek treatment. He also had blurred vision for a long time, but had not taken any action. He was diagnosed as having severe diabetic proliferative retinopathy (bleeding of the blood vessels in the eye).