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Life Wisdom Matrix

by Francene Frayer (2020-04-15)

Deep within all human beings Life Wisdom Matrix Review lies the source of all the happiness one desires in life. However, due to worldly teachings and lack of spiritual enlightenment we are unwise to the truth about this source. The search for happiness is the search for God, who is the divine spirit within the heart and soul of every human being. Therefore, the secret to your happiness is found in spiritual growth and understanding of the God within, i.e. mind, spirit and soul. As you grow spiritually, so shall your happiness. If you have not found the spiritual truth about God, i.e. the source of happiness within you, then you have not found true happiness. You may be experiencing happy moments and periods. But, you cannot experience everlasting happiness without knowing the truth about where it comes from and how to acquire it. Due to our spiritual ignorance we seek happiness from the things of the outer world, such as money, cars, boats, homes, jewelry, a new job, a promotion, marriage, having a family, etc. - where it cannot be found - rather than from the source within. Most people think that money and success will make them happy. However, they fail to realize that money alone does not make one happy; happiness is spiritual, not material. You cannot find happiness in the money, people, places and things of this world you can only find happiness in God within you. A man or woman can have all the money in the world but will never be truly happy if they are ignorant of this truth. Realize, the things of the world are relative to happiness, but without the spiritual component it is not fulfilling.

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