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by Rosaria Wetzell (2020-04-16)

When selecting a medium try Individualogist to find out about the accuracy of the readings that they have made. If they are a true medium they shouldn't have any qualms about giving references. If they balk at giving anything you might start looking for someone else. In the big cities there are several reputable mediums that are available. Just stop at some and see if there is a connection. There are always people that give off certain auras. Usually the medium doesn't have any physical contact with anyone in the room. There is usually complete silence while the medium contacts the spirit. If you are lucky you will have contact with several spirits. When this is first happening the crystal looks like it is fogging up. As the crystal clears you might hear them say something. This is usually the starting point of this type of reading. As the reading continues us you might hear some voices that are familiar or not. The reading is usually done in a darkened room. Sometimes you might even see moving shadows. Don't be afraid because with this type of reading sometimes this is what can happen, and this known as a trance medium reading which many good mediums are able to do. As you can see there are all kinds of things that can happen with a medium reading. A face to face reading is the best type of thing that you have of this type. You give off an aura that the spirits can read. Angel Card Readings are a different type of card from the tarot. There are all types and it just depends on what you feel when you select a pack. Some cards have the entire meaning printed on them and others have just a few words, and the reader has to go to a reference sheet for the meaning. When the cards are first taken home it is best to put them close to your heart to get attuned to the deck. You have an energy that makes a bond between the reader and the cards. It is just what you need to do to keep the cards in your aura. The more you use them the more it will become one with you.

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