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Meridian Health Protocol

by Reta Masten (2020-04-18)

You've probably heard this analogy, but it bears repeating: Meridian Health Protocol Review "You can see the glass half empty, or the glass half full." Returning to our earlier example of the person who is single, if you were able to see singleness as a blessing instead of a curse, you would be able to make the most of your singleness. You would celebrate your freedom. You would focus on the positives. You would feel grateful instead of griping about what you don't have. We can get so problem-focused, so problem-centered, that we stop seeing the positives about life. We loose our objectivity, our perspective, until someone comes along whose circumstances remind us that maybe our glass is not as "empty" as we had made it out to be. Their problems suddenly put things into perspective and we feel, if only momentarily, a reprieve from our troubles. The critical difference between the satisfied and the dissatisfied is an attitude of gratitude. By simply "counting our blessings" we can turn a day around which got off to a bad start. I'm not suggesting slapping a phony smile on your face and chirping irritating aphorisms all day. I am saying that, "If you are having a bad day, simply decide to start over. Re-choose your day" (Rev. Matt Garrigan). We have the power to choose-to disengage from the stress, and decide to start over attitudinally. When we choose to think positive instead of negative, the emotional field of our mind will become clean and clear, like the de-fogged window of a car, and we'll be able to enjoy the ride again.