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by Reta Masten (2020-04-22)

A patient is said to have diverticulosis when IGR Plus Review balloon like sacs or diverticula appear in the patient's large intestine. These sacs can develop anywhere in the large intestine but are commonly found in the sigmoid colon; sizes can vary from 1/10 to 6 inches. The cause of the diverticulosis is not exactly known but many claim that it is a result of lack of fiber in the diet.When one or more of the sacs become inflamed, a patient is said to have diverticulitis. When a small hole develops in the diverticulum, bacteria from the intestine are released and those with low immune system can run the risk of colon infection.One of the complications of being diagnosed with diverticulitis is the possibility of the diverticula rupturing. When the sacs rupture, blood and bacteria inside the intestine will spill throughout the body causing infection and inflammation of nearby organ(s). If the problem were not addressed, this would result to the muscle wall thickening and scarring which can narrow the passageway in the intestine area and cause stool blockage.