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Water Freedom System

by Reta Masten (2020-04-24)

Sunlight is of major significance to lake dynamics Water Freedom System Review as it's the primary source of energy. Most of the energy that controls the metabolism of a lake comes directly from the solar energy utilized in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis will occur only in the upper layer of the pond, or euphotic zone, this is the area in the water column that sunlight is able to penetrate. Shallow bodies of water less than 9ft/3m in depth more commonly experience problems such as bottom-rooted weeds or benthic algae and need additional consideration when determining the correct water management solution.Thermal Stratification, meaning temperature layering, impacts water quality in a lake due to its effect on dissolved oxygen levels, the way we measure how water holds oxygen. As the sun shines on a pond it warms the surface water, this water becomes lighter than the cooler, denser waters which are trapped at the pond's bottom. As a result the water becomes stratified, or separated into layers, and do not mix with each other. This area is called the thermocline or metalimnion, and can act as a physical barrier preventing any vertical mixing in the lake, and encourages algae growth throughout the warm surface waters.