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Sexy News Anchors Surprising Effect On Women

by Jerrod Wehrle (2020-05-02)

It's no secret that Tv information is a bit of a babe game, particularly throughout prime-time broadcasts. CNN's Linzie Janis, CNBC's Erin Burnett and various Fox anchors equivalent to Megyn Kelly, Jenna Lee, Erin Friel and Liz Claman, among others, have all obtained as a lot-extra, in some circumstances- attention for his or her attractiveness as their enterprise reporting. To test viewers, a broadcast journalist "was dressed in a tight-fitting darkish blue jacket and skirt that accented her waist-to-hip ratio," for one of two versions of a taped newscast. For the second she wore "a shapeless and free-fitting darkish blue jacket and skirt," and no make-up. Test subjects were quizzed on their impression of the reporter and their retention of the newscast. While I have to admit there was no lighting bolt moment for me upon reading these findings, additional analysis did. You see, the researchers discovered the opposite to be true for female viewers. Female check topics were proven to have "encoded more information info offered by the sexualized than unsexualized anchor condition." But why? While on the surface we're quick to guage these "sizzling girls," is it attainable that we subconsciously pair credibility with sexual attractiveness? We need to relate to her, and so we pay attention. Berman factors to studies linking attractiveness to raised job prospects and salary will increase as proof of the notion of higher-wanting people as extra clever and dependable, and aptly sums up the analysis's findings of girl-on-woman newscasters. You heard it here first, of us.

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