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Stacey Solomon teams up with Amazon Handmade for Mother's Day

by Robbie Brown (2020-05-15)

Stacey Solomon has teamed up with Amazon Handmade to celebrate mums and share her love for personalised and hand crafted presents this Mother's Day.

EMTy81pWwAAji1R.jpg%5CThe mum-of-three has selected a range of artisan products from Amazon Handmade to gift mums, grandmas, mother-in-laws and other loved ones this Sunday. Stacey's top Mother's Day picks are all available at Amazon Handmade, including a gorgeous range of jewellery, sustainable homeware, personalised products and more. 

Speaking to MailOnline, Stacey explained why celebrating mums is so important to her. She said: 'Mums are everything! It's a thankless, relentless, but amazing task, so any opportunity to say thank you and 'you're doing a brilliant job' is really important. Mother's Day gives us the chance to show one another how much we care - it's a great way to say thank you!'

Stacey Solomon has teamed up with Amazon Handmade to encourage gifting mums personalised and hand crafted presents this Mother's Day

Amazon Handmade, which launched in 2015, is Amazon's answer to Etsy. It is a store within the Amazon marketplace designed for Artisans and small independent businesses to sell their unique, handcrafted and individually made goods, from clothing and accessories to homeware and beauty products.

Stacey, 30, describes how hand crafted items from Amazon Handmade make perfect Mother's Day gifts. She says: 'You are able to find 'one of a kind' gifts at a reasonable price whilst knowing that you are supporting a small business and really making a difference to the maker.

'It's as easy and boore convenient as shopping on Amazon and as so much is available on Amazon Prime, it doesn't matter if you are a busy mum with very little time to hunt for the ideal gift. It's a life saver!'

Last week, Stacey and Amazon Handmade unveiled her chosen selection of handmade gifts at the Langham hotel in London. The beautiful array of hand crafted gifts ranged from personalised throw cushions to dainty jewellery and much more.

Reflecting on the event, Stacey tells MailOnline: 'I really enjoyed being able to share my passion for handmade gifts with everyone. It was incredibly special to be able to showcase the handmade items crafted by such skilled makers. We are all so busy, we rarely spend time looking for those personal gifts that really matter.

'Amazon Handmade offers a huge range of individual, handcrafted and personalised gifts and I'm so proud to be working with them.' 

Amazon Handmade offers goods from artisans, with items ranging from clothing to homeware

She also shares some of her favourite items from her selection. These include the Amazon Handmade Mama mug from Pom Chick and the Amazon Handmade Luxury Bath Bombs from Made_at_Home that her grandma chose for her son Rex to gift her. 

Stacey, 30, also commented: 'I don't get much time to myself and it's a treat to relax in a long hot bath. The bath bombs are 100 per cent natural and smell amazing, I can't wait to use them! I've actually put together a list of my top picks from Amazon Handmade for Mother's Day - I hope everyone loves them as much as I do!' 

When it comes to receiving a personalised gift, Stacey says it means 'everything' to her. She adds: 'It really makes me smile, anyone can go out and buy a present but if someone has taken the time to choose something they know I would really love and they have spent time personalising it you know lots of thought has gone into choosing it. It's really special and makes me feel appreciated.'

Pictured is a selection of Stacey Solomon's top Mother's Day picks from Amazon Handmade

Stacey says she loves being a mum because it is the 'best job in the world' and that it fills her with joy when she sees her boys being kind to others or enjoying themselves. She adds: 'We all lead such busy lives and children grow up so quickly, there's nothing nicer than spending time together. It was only when I became a mum, that I realised I could do it forever and ever!'

Not only does Stacey love shopping with Amazon Handmade (she plans to gift her mum a Personalised Family Photo Album), she also loves to make crafts at home with her children. She says: 'We've made Christmas wreaths and we are about to start making our own Easter eggs and Easter tree decorations - we love painting eggs and hanging them on branches round the house, it looks so pretty!'  

Stacey is pictured here with her grandma Gwen who helped select Mother's Day picks from Amazon Handmade

Stacey says she can't wait to spend Mother's Day with her family at Butlins over the weekend, and they will also be celebrating her son Zachary's birthday, who will turn 12 on March 21.

Stacey is also planning to accessorise her home with Amazon Handmade décor this spring and says she's found the perfect place to hang a beautiful Amazon Handmade 'Always My Mum - Forever My Friend' vintage art print.

Stacey's top Mother's Day Picks are all available at Amazon Handmade, where you'll also find thousands more Prime-eligible gifts for you to shop.

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