AGAMA DAN RITUAL SLAMETAN: Deskripsi-Antropologis Keberagamaan Masyarakat Jawa

A. Kholil


Substantially, the core of religious belief believes God as being transcendental, sacred, and pure, above everything related to the Almighty. Functionally, the core of religious belief is an effort to handle life problems: existential problems. Religion always leads to goodness physically and spiritually. However, the followers of religion don’t always do it. Diversity thought in a religion using charity done by its followers always colors the practice of the social diversity. It might be caused by a misinterpretation to the doctrine or certain vested interests often happened in the political life. In fact, this is the reality happened in the religious life of our society. “Religious ambiguity” appears in “slametan” becoming the tradition of our society, especially Javanese. “Slametan” presents symbolism that needs more explanation to be rightly understood. “Segagolong”, “manungsa”, and “pecel pitik” are symbolizing for nine orifices, “manungal ing rasa”, and an effort to get goodness.


ds: religion, trust, tradition, custom, ethics, slametan, social harmony

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