Analisa Penempatan Kamera CCTV Menggunakan Metode Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) Untuk Smart Monitoring

Gianto Widodo, Rahmadwati ., Purnomo Budi Santoso, Fachrul Kurniawan


Abstract-monitoring technology is an area or region now is
growing rapidly, this refers to the interest to be used.
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a type of camera that
was used for the supervisor of the building or room, but it
can also be used to monitor the condition of congestion and
road conditions. The problems are the installation of
CCTV is not always right on target because it is only
installed for trend following, without looking at the
conditions that will be installed, so it becomes less than
optimal. Many of the problems in need of supervision by
the Government. Problems such as road density, accidentprone area, business area, area schools, parking area and
population density at the location of the road is a problem
that requires supervision. In order for the supervision can
be done with the optimal technological devices are used
then the information and communication technology, the
utilization for surveillance of a region commonly referred
to with the Smart Monitoring, the device that can be used
is CCTV. In order to target the right CCTV installation
requires a calculation and analysis of the right against the
conditions of the point to be fitted, to allow the installation
of CCTV can be right on target and not just follow the
trend of development of the technology. Many of the
problems that have to be analyzed before the installation
of CCTV, to find the solution of many problems, this
research using methods MCDM method Simple Additive
Weighting (SAW). Based on the results of the calculation
of 40 data points of observation in the city of XYZ with 10
categories, problems and preferences 3 weights used
produce a value Vi maximum 4 point, and that point is
recommended for CCTV installed.
Keywords: SAW, CCTV


teknologi informasi; research

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