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Fazlur Rahman’s Islamic thought appears as convincing and brilliant figure in formulating methods of Quran interpretation. The originality of interpretation method formulated by him is because of the use of philosophy, social sciences and humanities. The method built by Rahman is often called the double movement hermeneutic. It is because the process involves the two-time back and forth movement, i.e. from the current problem to the derived Quranic era and back again to the current problem. The method emphasizes on basic ideas of the Quran or ideal Quranic moral compared to its specific legal. Another term in the elucidation of the meaning is that Rahman emphasizes more on the content of universality meaning than the literal-particular meaning. Rahman finally formulated a method that not only contributes to the development of methods of interpretation of the Quran, but also affects to the process of ijtihad in order to establish Islamic law. Major contribution in the further field of Islamic law is the implication that will change the face of Islamic law that originally was rigid, strict, formal, and exclusive into the face of law which is more soothing, protection, and open.


hermeneutika; double movement; fazlur rahman

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