Kebijakan Penerimaan Peserta Didik Baru (PPDB) Online di Sekolah pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19

Safitri Nur Rahmah


Online education policy is a well-defined application of policies in education. Online policies are used as the basis for implementing a new educational acceptance system by way of online. The objective is to find out how the implementation of the new education policy is online and to look at the issues raised at the time of policies carried out in the school. Based on the implementation of the online PGDP on a predetermined principle, however, technical guidelines were established based on dictating the number 44 2019 as the receipt of the new trainee. Under the terms of technical PGDP instruction online has two pathways, i.e. 's zoning and non-zoning made up of affirmation, achievement, and the transfer of parental duties. The conclusion that the implementation of the policy of upper-school admissions online is already well under way of policy content, the benefits received, the changes expected, the location of decision and characteristic of existing institutions and regimes, and the power, interests, and strategies of the actors involved. But from the policy executive side, resources and compliance levels have not been working properly. Such things are hindering the success of the new learner's receiving policies online.


policy, acceptance of participants, online

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