Abdullah Hosseini Eskandian, Ali Babaei


The origin of religion is one of the important issues in the philosophy of religion and new theology (kâlâm), which has always been the source of suspicion among some materialists and atheists. The answer to this question determines the identity of religion and reveals its divine or human aspect. From the perspective of God-believing thinkers, religion has a divine origin and has been legislated by God and Prophets for the guidance of people. On the other hand, materialists and atheist philosophers consider religion an estimate of human will, lust, and ignorance, and instead of a heavenly origin, they believe that religion has an earthly origin, and religion cannot be attributed to an origin beyond this material world and material man. Meanwhile, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) sees the origin of religion in human complexes and instincts, and beyond this, he does not consider any other origin for religion. In this article, with a descriptive-argumentative method and an analytical approach, an attempt is made to investigate and criticize Freud's point of view on the origin of religion. Freud's point of view in terms of reason (‘aql) and inspired transmission (Quranic and hadith principles of Islam, naql) faces some challenges and impasses, such as the inexplicability of the mechanism that instinct of the origin of religion, the mythology of father-son relationship and its uniqueness in Christianity, the irrationality of believing in totemism, ethnic and limited view, as well as Freud's view on the origin of religion. This view conflicts with many Quranic verses and human nature.


Fear of Nature; Freud; Oedipus Complex; Religion; Sexual Instincts

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