Kampus Islam Sebagai Agent Of Change

M. Fahim Tharaba


A man is Abdullah and Khalifatullah, he must understand, internalize, apply, and adopt Islamic values in his believe. Therefore, it requires two comitment, firstly, a comitment to Allah (habl min Allah) and comitment to other human (habl min an-nas and habl min al-alam). The Islamic campus not only has a role as an “agent of concervation” but also producer of an “agent of change”. These agents should be equipped by the universal and objective values (nilai Ilahiyah) which live in our tradition. These values should be configured and adapted through the time, condition, and place. Similarly, local values and subjectif values (nilai insaniyah) should be modified and dynimicaly changed to meet the present needs of the sosiety. The campus (education) gives should preserve and sustain values in the right position and place.



campus; agent of change

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18860/ua.v0i0.2397


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