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Wildfit Quest

by Mathew John (2020-03-31)

It is suggested that you begin and end your acupressure Wildfit Quest Review session by stimulating the "Appetite Control" ear point. This is located in your ear and can help you avoid overeating thereby helping you reduce your food intake. This acupressure point is stimulated in the following way; while looking in a mirror, place your fingers on your jaw. Open and close your mouth a few times until you feel your jaw bone moving underneath your fingers. Put one finger where you feel the most movement of the jaw. Your finger should be right next to a little fleshy protrusion of the ear but not the ear lobe. Grab this part of the ear with your thumb and index finger and press with steady pressure. Apply this pressure for two to three minutes.Stomach 36 (St 36), located four finger widths below the lower border of the kneecap and one finger width off the shin bone to the outside, is the best point to nourish the chi and blood. It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. You have found the point correctly when you feel the muscle move under your fingers when you flex your foot. Apply moderate pressure for about a minute at this point.