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Wildfit Quest

by Mathew John (2020-03-31)

When you love yourself you don't stuff your body full Wildfit Quest Review of fattening and unhealthy foods in the way we might stuff a turkey just before we pop it in the oven. When you love yourself you recognise that, like it or not, a body is designed to move - lots. So that means making exercise a top priority, for without exercise, weight loss is just a huge uphill struggle. When you exercise out of love for yourself and your amazing body, what you will find is that the exercise itself becomes a pleasurable, and eagerly anticipated, activity. I walk between two and three miles a day, except when the weather is unkind. Those days when I can't get out I can feel my legs 'complaining' about the lack of activity.So by making exercise a daily priority; by choosing an exercise form that you enjoy; by engaging in a daily exercise routine long enough for it to become a habit; you side-step the battleground and you totally avoid the should I/shouldn't I debate that always ends up by turning the TV on and grabbing a snack from the kitchen - because all of that thinking about exercise has made you hungry.