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Alphanation Combat Fighter

by Alisa Princy (2020-04-04)

The units are generally made Alphanation Combat Fighter Review of a durable construction product and come with built in storage compartments. The 70 oz. unit should have afforded me with water for at least four hours, unfortunately after three hours I found it was just about empty. The surrounding temperature was not hot and measured in at only about 75 degrees with a few clouds overhead in the sky. My problem with the water consumption stemmed from the amount of strenuous activity which I completed as I was hiking through the soft sand found within the surrounding area. It did not take long before I was feeling the dehydration effects of running out of water. After about seven hours without this lifesaving liquid I was so dehydrated that I began to make mistakes in judgment that I normally would not do. My every thought was more on obtaining a drink of cool refreshing water then upon getting back to my starting point. Actually for a hike involving this amount of time and considering the temperature of the area I should have been able to function properly with one gallon of water, that's 128 ounces. I may have been a bit short but still workable I would think. Someone once informed me that under these conditions if I failed to urinate once every hour then I was simply not drinking enough water. As the point goes from here, if you merely drink when you think you are thirsty then you are likely already dehydrated. The major problem which I see here is that it is just about impossible for one to carry several gallons of water on a hiking trip. It becomes a catch 22 for the person. If they take enough water with them they expend additional energy toting the gallons of water with them which slows them down. On the other hand, if they fail to take enough water with them they often become dehydrated. Water in gallon containers is bulky and adds considerable weight to your supplies that you are carrying. By comparison a pint of water will weigh in at roughly one pound of actual weight.