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Memory Hack

by Mathew John (2020-04-06)

I would like to give my answer in this article, Memory Hack Review so that everyone that agrees with the lady that left this comment will be able to understand what it means to interpret a dream and how I can declare that only Carl Jung discovered the correct method to translate the dream messages. I would also like to state that I continued his research, discovering the wild side of the human conscience and many more symbols, which helped me to very much simplify the complicated method that he discovered in the beginning of the last century.The dreams are produced by the unconscious mind that regulates the functioning of our body. The unconscious is a natural doctor that tries to save the human part of our conscience and helps us to develop it, so that we will be more intelligent. The dream messages are given to us in a symbolic form. The symbolic language used in dreams is also found in artistic, religious and philosophical manifestations and has a specific meaning. It is a real language, like all existing languages which consist only of words. The symbolic language is made up of images and scenes - therefore we can learn it and exactly translate its meaning.