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Metabolic Stretching

by Mathew John (2020-04-07)

Conduct an experiment. Try out as exercise Metabolic Stretching Review modalities that you think might interest you, and then choose your favorite(s). Or keep mixing it up indefinitely. Join a learn-to-run clinic in the spring to train for an upcoming 5K charity race. Purchase a popular, reputable DVD for Sunday roll-out-of-bed mornings. Make a weekly brisk walking date or play squash on Tuesday nights with your best friend. Indulge in 5 personal training sessions guaranteed to kick your backside (safely). Sign up for an 8-week outdoor bootcamp with your daughter. Ask for a 10-class punch card at a local yoga studio as a gift for your upcoming birthday. Spend 15 minutes stretching before lights-out most evenings. Invest in a stationary bike and vow not to use it as a clothes hanger. Run up and down your stairs 30 times while your supper casserole is cooking. How about renting some cross-country skis on a sunny winter afternoon? You get the idea.