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Life Wisdom Matrix

by Sylvie Pinley (2020-04-15)

The story concludes with Naaman finally conceding Life Wisdom Matrix and going down to the dirt, muddy river and immersing himself in it seven times - whereupon the miracle happened and he was cured of his leprosy.This story of the leper and the dirty river is a powerful metaphor for how to practise mindfulness - be humble and just do this simple thing - just train yourself to be aware. Mindful listening is when you are not thinking and you remain fully present whilst the other person is speaking. There are many occasions in the course of daily life, at home and at work, when talking is an exchange of information, and this is entirely appropriate as is a thought-based response. As human beings, do we ever just look at each other without projecting our own fears, desires, superstitions and ideals onto another? Do you ever simply look at your friend, spouse or enemy, without projection? Do you know what it means to project? Projection is to cast a mask of illusion unto another person, place or thing, which prevents the clarity of seeing.To be free of such shadows, the mind must be still and completely quiet in which ignorance cannot enter. To project your thoughts and feelings unto another prevents contact with another. As long as there is an entity in you that is projecting, the wholeness of perception is not. The darkness of projecting is the outcome of fear and the lack of relating to another.


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