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Meridian Health Protocol

by Rosaria Wetzell (2020-04-17)

What is the basic premise of Meridian Health Protocol Review this methodology and how would you describe it if you had to create a curriculum for a course on it for Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry? Gratitude. Whatever you think about you bring it about. When you set your intention you start noticing opportunities. If you have a big enough motivation you would do something. The DeMartini Method helps shift the focus to one of gratitude in order to set intentions for a happier experience. There is physical and unphysical reality and a domino effect starts with a change in perception. William James stated that you alter life by changing your mind. The body is changed by the mind, the mind is changed by the spirit, and then amazing things happen. I have already training method for psychologists which is an actual curriculum. Training professionals in the DeMartini method is a project that is already in motion. It is a structured format. The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) in Canada has a psychology professor who is teaching it. A school in Venezuela and two schools in Spain are implementing it. The DeMartini method takes a certain route of retraining perception. A fundamental change in cognitive behavior is based on a series of questions. Questions generate the quality of life. Events in life and questions around them can bring balance. The method challenges someone to see what they have lost and what they have gained in the same life event. Then the DeMartini questions lead the patient's mind to see the benefits. This leads to poise and equilibrium that balances perception in a way that is aligned with the person's strongest values. There are a series of 40 questions on stressful angles. When we can bring a perception back into balance with core values there is gratitude and love. I have worked with people who have experienced traumatic events that nearly destroyed them. I work with people from all walks of life. One woman I worked on survived the Tsunami. We met privately for three hours and 20 minutes to resolve the deaths of her husband, son, and two friends. I've used the DeMartini Method to deal with death, incest, dismemberment, all things that people face. The healing begins when we face how we function, perceive, and take command of our thoughts by discovering he hidden order of what governs our debilitating perceptions.

What is Meridian Health Protocol?