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by Rosaria Wetzell (2020-04-17)

Schizophrenia is a brain Meridian Health Protocol Review ailment that strikes men in their early twenties and women in their late twenties. It affects their way of social interaction, reasoning, logic, and frame of mind. What is schizophrenia? It's a treatable brain disease whose origins are still being discovered. What causes schizophrenia? Some say there is a genetic link to it and it is hereditary. There are studies however that 60% of those with the ailment have no direct family members with the same sickness. This may show that genetics may predispose a person to the ailment; it does not conclusively determine it. This dispels the notion that if one of the families has it, all others will have it as well. There is another school of thought in the cause of schizophrenia, and that it is caused by brain chemical imbalances in some proteins, amino acids, and neurotransmitters. Supposedly an excess in dopamine and glutamate contribute to schizophrenia as well. Another hypothesis to the causes of schizophrenia is due to stress during pregnancy. Low oxygen levels during birth, a prenatal exposure to a viral infection and other forms that induce stress levels during pregnancy may trigger the production of the hormone cortisol which may be one of the triggers for schizophrenia. What is schizophrenia? It is an ailment that causes the patient to lose touch with the world he or she lives in and the reality all around. It is such a socially debilitating ailment that in the previous century and at the start of the 20th century, treatment of it would be confinement to a mental institution or worse even a lobotomy, which meant the partial removal of the brain. These days treatment is available with the use of prescribed medication and counseling sessions with licensed psychiatrists. It is important that the detection of the ailment be seen right away. In the movie," A Beautiful Mind", Russel Crowe portrays a brilliant mathematician John Nash whose work is challenged by his bouts of paranoid schizophrenia which he constantly battled with throughout his life. Despite this ailment, John Nash was able to win the Noble Prize. This battle between John Nash and his ailment was the real story of the movie and it won the Best Picture Category in the 2002 Academy Awards.

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