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by Reta Masten (2020-04-20)

A simple strength training program containing StrictionD Review 8 or 9 exercises targeting the whole body's major muscle groups performed 2-3 times each week is what is needed. The muscle cells are where fuel (glucose) is burnt for energy and when they are strong and toned they absorb more sugar and remove sugar from the blood better. Strength training exercise also helps the cells throughout the body become more sensitive to insulin, the vital hormone needed to 'push' glucose into the cells. Then less insulin is needed to clear the bloodstream.If you do not stabilize your blood sugar levels with proper exercise and a proper diet you can become insulin resistant which is a condition where the body's cells resist the glucose. If it cannot enter the cells, more and more insulin is produced to try and get rid of the glucose from the bloodstream. Then you have high blood sugars levels and high insulin levels in the bloodstream. This unhealthy mix can then get into places where it should not be wrecking havoc and damaging body organs and tissues and you have full blown diabetes.