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Good or Bad Quality Work?

by Ricky Smith (2019-05-08)

My Assignment Help Review:

Almost all the students who used the services of Myassignmenthelp Review have complained about the shoddy quality of the work they have received. Several factors, pointed out by students have contributed to the bad quality of work. Such factors include the lack of proper academic formatting, or structuring of the assignment. Many students claimed that they received generic structure for all their assignments (essays, reports, proposals or dissertations), due to which they have to give extra time and energy to restructure. Many students were also disappointed with the quality of the references given, saying that they were not relevant at all, and their formatting was all mixed up (APA, Harvard, Oxford, etc), and were also out of date, which was completely impermissible. Additionally, it was also very difficult to verify each reference, as there would be inadequate information about the main source of information. For students of advanced degrees, this was a major disappointment, as they received poor grades for bad references.