Indeks Eksentrisitas Zagreb Pertama dan Kedua Graf Koprima dari Grup Matriks Upper Unitriangular atas Ring Bilangan Bulat Modulo Prima

Muhammad Aris Abdillah, Dewi Ismiarti


The coprime graph of a group G is a graph Γ_G with G is its set of vertices and any two distinct vertices are adjacent if and only if their order are relatively prime. Let p be a prime number, then G_p denotes the multiplicative group of 2×2 upper unitriangular matrices over ring of integers modulo p. The purposes of this research are to study the coprime graph Γ_(G_p ) and find the first and the second Zagreb eccentricity indices of Γ_(G_p ) for p≥3. The results of this research are as follows.
First Zagreb eccentricity index of coprime graph Γ_(G_p )is
E_1 (Γ_(G_p ))=4p-3.
Second Zagreb eccentricity index of coprime graph Γ_(G_p )is
E_2 (Γ_(G_p ))=2p-2.


First Zagreb eccentricity index; Second Zagreb eccentricity index; Coprime graph; Upper unitriangular matrices

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