Kitaba: Journal of Interdisciplinary Arabic Learning is a scientific journal that focuses on Arabic language learning with an interdisciplinary approach. This journal covers various topics related to the integration of various disciplines and expertise in Arabic language learning, such as linguistics, literature, technology, history, and culture.

Kitaba (ISSN 2987-6419) is a journal that publishes original papers that research Interdisciplinary Arabic Language Learning. It is published by the Master Program of Arabic Language Education, Graduate School of Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University Malang, Indonesia. The editorial board welcomes scholars, researchers, and practitioners of Arabic language learning worldwide to submit scientific articles to be published through this journal. All articles will be reviewed by experts before being accepted for publication. Each author is fully responsible for the content of the published article.

The scope of this journal, in more detail, includes:

  • Arabic learning in general
  • Arabic learning strategies
  • The use of technology in Arabic learning
  • Linguistic studies in Arabic learning
  • Literary studies in Arabic learning
  • Historical and cultural studies in Arabic learning
  • Evaluation and development of Arabic learning curriculum
  • Development of teaching materials and Arabic learning media
  • Implementation of Arabic learning at various levels of education and institutions
  • Models of Arabic Education program management.
  • Development of Arabic proficiency.

Journal History

This journal was first published in March 2023. It is regularly published three times a year in March, July, and November. The editorial team will respond promptly to each article. It is important to note that the official language of the journal is multilingual (English, Arabic, and Indonesian).

Vol 2, No 1 (2024): KITABA

Cover Page