Peningkatan Pemahaman Konsep Perubahan Materi Melalui Perbaikan Bahan Ajar

Agus Mukti Wibowo


Student understanding of the concept of Natural Sciences, especially “material and its changes” are inflenced by the students understanding of the previous material on the “various substances and nature”. The development of learning sources about “material and its changes” can
improve students understanding of the concept, in this case is students of college, if (1) making the media of teaching based on the basic concepts about material that will be learned by students and that concepts arranged
systematically or sequentially concepts, for example from simple to complex concept or from the lower to the higher concept, (2) the examples that given to the students close to the students experiences, beginning from a simple example.
Keywords: “Material and Its changes”, Remedical of Learning


Material and Its changes, Remedical of Learning Sources.

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