Nilai Estetika dan Pendidikan Naskah Singir Mitera Sejati dan Ngudi Susila Karya Kiai Bisri Musthofa

Moh. Ahsan Shohifur Rizal


“Singir mitera sejati” and “ngudi susila” are a literary work that shaped “nadhom” poetically by following the rules of science of arudl. In addition there is an aesthetic and educational value. “Singir” can serve as a medium of education and learning resources. Because “singir” store “adhiluhung” value which can be utilized appropriately, particularly in the study of literature in the school or boarding school. This research aims to reveal the aesthetic and educational value. Substantially, this research describes about three things, namely (1) aesthetic value that includes, (a) the aesthetics of form, and (b) the aesthetic contents. (2) the value of moral education that includes (a) the value of moral education which clarifies the relationship of human with God, (b) the relationship of human with human, (c) man human with themself and (d) the human with the environment or nature.


singir; aesthetics; education


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