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The aim of this study are to know what factors underlying the industrial success derived from extern and intern environment factors, whether or not the factors found have real influence and which of them that has the strongest influence to the success of the industrial achievement.

Population for this study are businessman and craftsman that specialize on ‘kripik tempe’  industry in Sanan district both from small scale and family scale industry. Sampling is taken by applying proportional random sampling for 47 respondents. The amount of research variables are 26 variables related to extern environment factors: buyer, supplier, technology, government, and intern factors: marketing, financial, and production. Success variables are measured in their profitability rate and business growth rate.

Result of the study showed that there are 7 factors underlying the success of the industry with determination coefficient of 0.590, means that about 59% of the success of the industry can be explained by buyer, supplier, technology, government, marketing, financial, and production variables, while the remaining (100% - 59%) or 41% are explained by other causes unobserved in the research. There 4 factors including supplier, technology, marketing, and production variables partially have significant influence to the success of the industry, meanwhile buyer, government and financial partially don’t have influence to the success of the industry. Production factor is the most dominant factor among the other factors.


environment analysis; performance industry; kripik tempe sanan

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