Dynamical of Ratio-Dependent Eco-epidemical Model with Prey Refuge

Adin Lazuardy Firdiansyah


This paper discusses the dynamic analysis of three species in the eco-epidemiology model by considering the ratio-dependent function and prey refuge. The prey refuge is applied under the fact that infected prey has protection instincts that allow it to reduce predation risk. Here, we get the boundedness and three equilibrium points where are existence under certain conditions. In the model, three equilibrium points are locally asymptotically stable and one of the equilibrium points is globally asymptotically stable. We find that the system undergoes Hopf bifurcation around the interior equilibrium point by choosing  as a bifurcation parameter. We also find a condition for uniform persistence. Finally, several simulations of numerical are performed not only to illustrate the analytical results but also to illustrate the effect of the prey refuge.              


eco-epidemiology model; global stable; Hopf bifurcation; local stable; persistence

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18860/ca.v6i4.10827


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