A Discrete Numerical Scheme of Modified Leslie-Gower With Harvesting Model

Riski Nur Istiqomah Dinnullah, Trija Fayeldi


Recently, exploitation of biological resources and the harvesting of two populations or more are widely practiced, such as fishery or foresty. The simplest way to describe the interaction of two species is by using predator prey model, that is one species feeds on another. The Leslie-Gower predator prey model has been studied in many works. In this paper, we use Euler method to discretisize the modified Leslie-Gower with harvesting model. The model consists of two simultanious predator prey equations. We show numerically that this discrete numerical scheme model is dynamically consistent with its continuous model only for relatively small step-size. By using computer simulation software, we show that equlibrium points can be stable, saddles, and unstable. It is shown that the numerical simulations not only illustrate the results, but also show the rich dynamics behaviors of the discrete system.


Leslie-Gower; Euler method; rich dynamics; dynamically consistent

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18860/ca.v5i2.4716


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