Simulation Study The Implementation of Quantile Bootstrap Method on Autocorrelated Error

Ovi Delviyanti Saputri, Ferra Yanuar, Dodi Devianto


Quantile regression is a regression method with the approach of separating or dividing data into certain quantiles by minimizing the number of absolute values from asymmetrical errors to overcome unfulfilled assumptions, including the presence of autocorrelation. The resulting model parameters are tested for accuracy using the bootstrap method. The bootstrap method is a parameter estimation method by re-sampling from the original sample as much as R replication. The bootstrap trust interval was then used as a test consistency test algorithm constructed on the estimator by the quantile regression method. And test the uncommon quantile regression method with bootstrap method. The data obtained in this test is data replication 10 times. The biasness is calculated from the difference between the quantile estimate and bootstrap estimation. Quantile estimation methods are said to be unbiased if the standard deviation bias is less than the standard bootstrap deviation. This study proves that the estimated value with quantile regression is within the bootstrap percentile confidence interval and proves that 10 times replication produces a better estimation value compared to other replication measures. Quantile regression method in this study is also able to produce unbiased parameter estimation values.


Quantile Regression; Bootstrap Method; Autocorrelation Error

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