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Batik Malang commonly called by Batik Malangan is not yet as popular as Batik Jawa. Batik Malang
is very beautiful batik as it has a distinctive and uniqueness among the other batik. Issues examined in this
research are: How is the Financial Management of UKM Batik in Malang? What are the factors used in
Financial Management of UKM Batik in Malang? The method used in this research is descriptive. The
purpose of this descriptive research is to make a systematic overview description, factual and accurate as well
as to explain and to analyze and then draw a conclusion from the results of research on the efforts of financial
management and financial performance of UKM. Based on the analysis above shows that batik in Malang
which consists of three batik ownersthey are not optimal in managing their business finances. The reporting
that is made so far is just a very basic report which only consists of income and expense of funds report
without any further action.For good financial management, the necessary steps to be done areto make financial
planning, financial budgeting, financial management and control. If the measure of financial management is
done correctly it will increase the financial performance of batik entrepreneurs in Malang.


financial management; financial performance


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