Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process for Abjadia: International Journal of Education



Abjadia: International Journal of Education follows a rigorous peer review process to ensure the quality, originality, and validity of our published research articles. This process involves expert evaluation by qualified reviewers who provide valuable feedback to authors. The following outlines the peer review process that your manuscript will undergo.


Submission and Initial Evaluation:

  • Authors submit their manuscripts through the journal's online submission system.
  • The editorial team evaluates to ensure the submission meets the journal's scope and guidelines.

Reviewer Assignment:

  • Upon successful initial evaluation, the editorial team identifies potential reviewers with expertise in the manuscript's subject matter.
  • Reviewers are selected based on their academic background, research experience, and absence of conflicts of interest.


Peer Review:

  • Reviewers receive the manuscript with clear instructions, evaluation criteria, and a predetermined review timeline.
  • Reviewers assess the manuscript's quality, originality, methodology, significance, and presentation.
  • Reviewers provide constructive feedback in areas where improvements are needed and recommend the following decisions: Accept, Minor Revisions, Major Revisions, or Reject.


Author Revision:

  • Authors receive the reviewers' comments and feedback.
  • Authors address the comments and revise their manuscript accordingly.
  • Authors submit a response letter detailing the revisions and how each comment was addressed.


Second Review (if necessary):

  • Revised manuscripts may undergo a second review to ensure that reviewer recommendations have been appropriately addressed.
  • The editorial team may consult the original reviewers or seek additional reviewers for the second Review.


Final Decision:

  • The editorial team evaluates the revised manuscript, response letter, and any additional materials.
  • Based on reviewer feedback, the editorial team decides: Accept, Accept with Minor Revisions, Accept with Major Revisions, or Reject.


Acceptance and Publication:

  • Once accepted, manuscripts go through final editing, formatting, and proofreading.
  • Authors are notified of the scheduled publication date.


Confidentiality and Anonymity:

The peer review process maintains authors' and reviewers' confidentiality and anonymity. Authors' identities are concealed from reviewers, and vice versa.


Reviewer Recognition:

The contribution of reviewers is essential to maintaining the quality of Abjadia: International Journal of Education. Reviewers' names are acknowledged in the journal as a token of appreciation for their expertise and dedication.



The peer review process ensures that Abjadia publishes high-quality research articles. We value the collaborative effort of authors and reviewers in advancing the field of education. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the editorial team.