Revision Guidelines

Revision Guidelines for Abjadia: International Journal of Education



Congratulations on your manuscript's acceptance to the peer review process of Abjadia: International Journal of Education. Our goal is to ensure the publication of high-quality research articles that contribute significantly to the field of education. This document outlines the revision guidelines to assist you in preparing your manuscript for final publication.


Revision Process:

Upon receiving reviewer feedback, authors must address the comments and suggestions to enhance the manuscript's quality. The revision process follows these steps: 

  1. Thorough Review: Carefully review all comments and suggestions provided by the reviewers. Ensure a clear understanding of their feedback.
  2. Response Letter: Prepare a detailed response letter addressing each comment and explaining the revisions made in the manuscript. This letter should also highlight any changes made to the original submission.
  3. Revised Manuscript: Revise your manuscript according to the reviewers' feedback and your response letter. Indicate the changes made using track changes or different text colors.
  4. Additional Materials: If applicable, provide supplemental materials such as revised figures, tables, data, or supplementary information to support your revisions.
  5. Ethical Considerations: Ensure that any ethical or copyright concerns the reviewers raise are adequately addressed. Provide necessary permissions or attributions for copyrighted material.


Revision Guidelines:

  1. Clarity and Structure: Revise your manuscript for clarity, coherence, and organization. Ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and free of jargon. Check the manuscript's structure and headings for logical flow. 
  2. Methodology and Results: Address concerns regarding the research design, methods, and data analysis. Clarify your procedure and provide additional information if requested.
  3. References and Citations: Review your citations and references to ensure accuracy and adherence to citation style guidelines. Appropriately attribute prior work and provide complete references.
  4. Figures and Tables: Revise figures and tables for clarity, accuracy, and appropriate labeling. Ensure that all visual aids are relevant to the content and contribute to understanding.
  5. Language and Grammar: Carefully proofread your manuscript for vocabulary, grammar, and spelling errors. Consider seeking assistance from language editing services if needed.


Submission of Revisions:

Submit your revised manuscript, response letter, and additional materials through the journal's online submission system. Ensure that you follow the submission instructions provided on the journal's website.


Deadline for Revisions:

Authors are expected to complete the revisions within the stipulated timeframe. If an extension is needed, please communicate with the editorial team immediately.



The revision process is crucial to ensure your manuscript's accuracy, clarity, and quality in Abjadia: International Journal of Education. We appreciate your dedication to enhancing your work and contributing valuable research to our journal.


If you have any questions or require further guidance during the revision process, please do not hesitate to contact the editorial team.