Ijaz Arabi Journal of Arabic Learning

Ijaz Arabi Journal of Arabic Learning (ISSN Print: 2620-5912 ISSN Online: 2620-5947) is a journal that publishes original papers researching in Arabic teaching and learning. It is published by the Department of Arabic Language Education, Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, Indonesia. This journal is indexed in Web Of Science / Clarivate, Copernicus, Dimensions, Garuda, Moraref, GS, and SINTA 2 (S2).

Ijaz Arabi’s current Impact Factor is 0.5* and Journal Citation Indicator™ 0.28 from Clarivate (Web Of Science) 2022.

Editors welcome scholars, researchers and practitioners of Arabic language learning around the world to submit scholarly articles to be published through this journal. All articles will be reviewed by experts before accepted for publication. Each author is solely responsible for the content of published articles.

Journal History

Since Volume 4, the journal has regularly published three times a year in February, June and October. We accept original research, conceptual, and best practice articles related to Arabic teaching and learning. It is important to bear in mind that the official language of the journal is multilingual (English, Arabic, and Indonesia).

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Vol 7, No 2 (2024): Ijaz Arabi: Journal Of Arabic Learning

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Amani Hakim, Suhaila Zailani Hj. Ahmad, Kaseh Abu Bakar
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Tareq Alfraidi, Essam Ali
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Zubaidah Zubaidah, M. Abdul Hamid, Syuhadak Syuhadak, Ulil Amri
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A Sathikulameen, M Ahamedullah, A.M. Ali Ibrahim, Thameem Ansari, S Vijayakumar
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Budi Sanjaya, Wahyu Hidayat
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Noor Eliza Abdul Rahman, Muhamad Amir Zainudin, Mohd Fauzi Abdul Hamid, Zulazhan Ab. Halim, Abdul Hakim Abdullah, Abdul Wahid Salleh, Zamri Arifin, Janudin Sardi Mohd Yusop
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Fahd Bin Abdullah Al-Othman
DOI: 10.18860/ijazarabi.v7i2.27116 | Views: 70 | Downloads: 15
Sueraya Binti Che Haron, Nurazzelena Abdullah, Mohammed Mabrook Salim Al Rawahi, Mohammed Juma Mohammed Alobeidani, Norazman Ahmat Safri
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Saeed Saad Alqahtani
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Amin Nasir, Juhri Juhri, Abdul Karim
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Siti Khadizah Yahya, Harun Baharudin
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Ahmed Humud Alrowithy
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Awatef El Badri Muhamad Ata
DOI: 10.18860/ijazarabi.v7i2.27432 | Views: 23 | Downloads: 11